Lifetime Access - Find and Validate your Startup Idea

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The Checklist helps you to transform your idea into a profitable business thanks to a proven execution process.

Do any of these describe you?

🏆   You want to create a startup and you're looking for a process to follow

🌟  You're a solo entrepreneur, a product marker ready to commit to a proven methodology

👍🏻   You're full of motivation and ready to unleash your potential

⛰️  You like to challenge yourself

📗  You want to get access to hundreds of hours of research and focus on what really matters: create your business

💰  You want to build extra revenue streams

If you identify yourself in these points, the Checklist is done for you.


What is inside the Checklist?

1. Your Startup Idea

2. Embrace the Competition

3. Talk to your Potential Customer

4. Identify your Buyer Persona

5. Put your Idea Into Words

6. Your First Landing Page

7. Test and Validate your Idea

8. Iterate, Pivot, or Discard


Why should you listen to us?

  • We've built multiple SaaS that have collectively $10mm+ ARR
  • We raised more than 2,000,000$ from Institutional Investors
  • Our team is composed of entrepreneurs from all industries. Some of us are even part of Forbes in their Expert Panels.


⛔ Don't buy this checklist if...

  • You're not ready to take actions and follow the process 
  • You don't have enough motivation to start a business that will have a positive impact on your life
  • You're not ready to commit at 100% to your first business


✉️ After you buy

After you purchase the access to the Checklist, we will send you an email with the link to our Notion Template that you will be able to duplicate in your own workspace. 

The email can take up to 15 minutes to be sent. Be patient!

Make sure you insert the right email address at the checkout. 

If - for any reason - you don't receive the link by email, contact us via email ( and we will send you the link as fast as we can! 


We have sold hundreds of access to The Checklist and never received any request of refund. As such, we (and the Community) stand behind the quality of the checklist. If you think that the Checklist didn't provide your enough value, we will refund you within the first 30 days.

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Lifetime access to the whole 500+ steps framework (incl. Updates)


Lifetime Access - Find and Validate your Startup Idea

0 ratings
I want this!